Care of cane furniture

Cane and Wicker Furniture are two of the most maintenance-free furniture materials you’ll find. However, neither should be exposed to sun for extended periods of time or left out in the rain. To keep it looking its best and to protect the finish, wipe occasionally with a damp cloth followed by an application of a good furniture polish. You can also use a soft brush or the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to clean dust that can accumulate.

Determining quality

Because Cane and Wicker Furniture have a history of inconsistencies in quality, a storeowner as well as his consumer must be able to tell quality workmanship from shoddy workmanship.

The finish on the piece should be smooth and consistent without streaks and bubbles. Because of the different absorption qualities of Cane poles, colour may be slightly different from pole to pole. This is not an imperfection, but part of the beauty of Cane. Run your hand over the frame to check for rough edges that may snag clothes. Of course, the finish cannot be as sleek as the finish on a piece of wood furniture, but should be relatively smooth. Joints should be secure and nailed or screwed into place. Look for joints wrapped with wrapping for extra durability. Grab the arm on a sofa or chair and try to wiggle it. A quality piece of Cane furniture should not give.