1987 – 1994

In 1987, Keepsakes opened a Retail Shop in Magaliesburg selling handcrafted and unique cottage products. In fact, it was only Keepsakes and Oom Samie se Winkel in Stellenbosch who could boast a new trend in South Africa.

We travelled South Africa, also neighbouring African countries for exciting handcrafted wares. Keepsakes was an experience, you wandered from one room to the next, anticipating what was around the corner. Originally, a Hansel and Gretal Sweet room was created, where the walls and surrounds were painted with sweets, the friendly witch kept a watchful eye. You could buy a “niggerball” for 10c, it was our philosophy that every customer should buy something even if it was just that. A second shop, Hansel and Gretal, was then opened. This was the first concept of a Sweet Shop in South Africa – Sweets from Heaven and outlets have followed in our footsteps.

A third shop followed, a clothing boutique called 1884 Clothing Corporation, where we designed and sold casual and cocktail ladies outfits. We booked out the Mount Grace Hotel to host a fashion show, dinner with entertainment, bed and a champagne breakfast. This was a huge success. Ladies came from far and wide to purchase clothing.

Due to the range of baskets we bought and sold, The Palace and Lost City approached us for functional baskets for their rooms. We made the samples, compiled a projection that we could supply. However, Embassies, dept of labour could not assist us in securing skilled crafters to make baskets. The result being that we lost this order for a million rand.

1995 - 2001

This negative turned into a positive. We began manufacturing baskets in 1995 with five employees as a sideline to our novelty shop.

One could say that a home industry in baskets was borne. We created weird and wonderful baskets seeking a market place other than our own shop.

2002 - 2003

Due to the slump in the retail market, we closed our retail shop in 2002 and concentrated full effort into manufacturing baskets for retail, the hospitality industry, supermarkets and kitchen cupboard manufacturers. We supply Pick n Pay countrywide, the Spar group and trolley manufacturers. Kitchen Manufacturers, Store Designers, etc.


In April 2004, we purchased Q Cane Enterprises, manufacturers of Cane Furniture for 40 years. We now have a workforce of 50 personnel.

At about the time of the “new” South Africa, many Cane Manufacturers closed their doors. This was a due to a slump in the economy, strikes and raw materials escalating due to the exchange rate. Factors beyond their control.

2005 – 2006

In our infancy period of manufacturing Cane Furniture, we realized that we needed a change in our name to depict the nature of our business. Keepsakes now trades as Consider Cane. Our name signifies that when furniture and basketware is thought, sought, to be bought – CONSIDER CANE for products in Cane, Wicker and Rattan Furniture and Basketware.

Cane Furniture out there in the South African market place is mainly imported. It is our intention to exploit the retail sector by offering locally produced South African manufactured Cane Furniture in Chairs, Lounge, Bedroom furniture and baskets.

CONSIDER CANE will be focusing on building value for customers, to achieve ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CONSIDER CANE will offer a special selection of low, medium and high involvement products with respect to customer decision-making and evaluation processes. The culture of our clients will be seen as “inviting the public to consider our product range when furnishing, re-furbishing, re-decorating, accessorizing or complimenting the current style of Hotels, Guest Lodges, Supermarkets, Restaurants and Retail Shops.

Remember: When furniture and basketware is thought, sought, to be bought - CONSIDER CANE for products in Cane, Wicker and Rattan Furniture and Basketware.