The South African Hospitality Industry is versatile in catering for tourists, holiday makers and business people in a wide choice of accommodation.

Wicker and Cane Furniture is suited to any environment and lends itself to formal and casual settings.

Cane Furniture is strong and durable and with low maintenance will last for many years. Furniture pieces are light in weight and can be moved with ease.

Old Cane Furniture can be restored to its original state.

Cane Furniture retains its charm while style and fashion may change.

Wicker tableware baskets are practical with reversible fabric linings for toast and breads. Wicker baskets are strong and colourful linings add to decor.

Cane Furniture is ideally suited to the Hospitality Industry. Consider Cane local manufactures should be your first choice for Cane Furniture and Wicker baskets.


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